Weather Station build

So, we have started work on a weather station to go out in our gardens. This is a collaborative project so anyone can join in at any time. To start with I have 3D Printed the small Stevenson Screen enclosure you see pictured below.

3D Printed Stevenson Screen

This housing will contain a Wemos D1 Mini Pro with external antenna. The Wemos D1 is an ESP8266 (or ESP12) based device. It is fully Arduino compatible and has wifi with external antenna.

Connected to the Wemos will be the various sensors for the weather station. To start with we have added a BMP280 which is a combined temperature, humidity and air pressure sensor. The data from this sensor is being sent over wifi to both ThingSpeak and also an app created in Blynk to show the various readings.

Blynk App

Over time we will add various other sensors, such as wind speed and wind direction. I already have a few ideas how to build these using magnets and hall effect sensors.

Also, we will add rain gauges, UV, light, plus some environmental monitoring sensors such as CO2, dust particles and so on. 

I shall blog about updates to this project as we go. It will no doubt take up to 6 months to complete.

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