Medway Makers was founded on 8 September 2013, the day after the Brighton Mini Maker Faire which our founder and his daughter age 9 attended. The objective is to build an active maker movement in the Medway towns, which already have active arts communities and some speciality technical and craft clubs, but don’t appear to have a place for combined creative technical culture. We hope create such a space and to share with the communities already here. So far I have had interest from cloth flower, clothing and electronics makers. This diversity is exactly what we need.

We aspire to bring Science & Technology, Art & Design, and Innovation & Industry into the same place.

We hope to bring new people into making, people who never made before. We believe that no matter how smart you are or are not you have the right to make something you can feel proud of and we hope to foster a culture of cooperation and fun where you can enjoy and develop your capabilities.

In 2017, our Founder Tom De Havas, left our shores and moved to Italy. Since then the running of Medway Makers has been left in the capable hands of Mike McRoberts.

Our Founder

A word from our founder, Tom De Havas:

I found out about the maker movement when I saw a copy of Make Magazine in Foyles bookshop. It was all in San Francisco! Then I visited the Brighton Maker Faire and decided I had to have “maker” culture in Medway now, so the next day 8 September 2013, instead of going to live in San Francisco I founded Medway makers.

I was born in 1961 and have been a techie from birth, my first word was “light-on” and for me the light has never gone off again. I love science, technology and many art forms, am a great fan of good design and as likely to be found visiting the New Designers exhibition as London Model Engineering exhibition.

I have designed and made cloths and electronics with equal passion. I have spent the majority of my life working with electronics and computers, and I am interested in systems including mechanical, electronic and biological systems like us. You can take a look at my website or my CV if you like.

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