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Fortnightly Meetings

Come and see

We meet every second Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00. Meeting will be on 4, 18 Feb, 4, 18 March, 1, 15 April and so on.

Because these meetings are in our homes please bring some form of ID with proof of address. A photo driving licence is sufficient on its own. Otherwise some other form of photo ID with a recent letter from an official body.


Where to meet

The next 2 meetings on 4th and 18th of March will be at Mike's house in Gravesend. Ring Tom on 07971 308270 if you need the address.

On Saturday 1st April its at 12 Dunlin Drive ME4 3JE again.

See Facebook



The Linux Command Line

New on our "Knowledge" page. So when this panel leaves the home page look under "Knowledge".

Although Linux has a number of distributions with Graphical User Interfaces, like Ubuntu, the objective of this page and the sub-pages is to look at Linux from an engineering perspective and to learn to use the Command Line Interface.


All up and coming dates will also be posted here but for lots of news and discussion about lots of other things see Facebook.

We will be welcoming you to come and join in the making or just watch if you like. Its all a bit informal but fun. For £15 we will help you build a radio the same as the ones in the Radio Activity video below, or you may prefer to see the model railway (just starting) or make yourself a set of traffic lights for £10.

Every Medway Makers meeting is made by the people who turn up either to make something or to watch others making things. So even if you don't have a project on the go right now come along anyway and perhaps someone can help you to get started. We all started somewhere.

You can contact Mike who you can find on the Facebook wall, or Tom on 07971 308270 or tomdehavas@gmail.com

The Radio Activity

Science Faction Ltd with the help of Medway Makers ran "The Radio Activity" for 39 Chinese students from the Cambridge International Education & Cultural Centre.

None of them had ever built a radio before! We achieved 100% working radios.

See the Radio Activity on Science Faction's website.

Arduino Academy

Mike McRoberts author of "Beginning Arduino" brings you Arduino Academy a series of tutorial YouTube videos.

Arduino Website


Medway Maker Show

Medway Maker Show

We're sorry to have to postpone the Medway Maker Show till next year some time. We just didn't sell enough tickets in the short time available but we believe that Chatham needs a Maker Faire and we are really working to make it happen. See Medway Maker Show

Please send us an email tomdehavas@gmail.com to express your support or join our Facebook Group.


Maidstone Hackspace

Maidstone Hackspace: Hackspaces are a shared space where artists, designers, makers, hackers, programmers, tinkerers, professionals and hobbyists can work on their projects, share knowledge and collaborate. We are in the process of developing Maidstone Hackspace. We're previous members of (ICMP) and looking to form a new space in the future.

The Big Three

Science & Technology - because its magic and it makes things work.

Art & Design - because it makes things beautiful and so pleasurable to have around you.

Innovation & Industry - because it is what delivers, the above, to people.

The combination of these three are the essential ingredients of a modern society.

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